PIM – Program Interface Module For Field Re-Programming of HEL-STAR 6® Gen III & F2®

The PIM-701 is a handheld device that allows military users to wirelessly re-program any or all of the four factory-supplied light emitting functions of selected HEL-STAR 6® Gen III and F models in the field.

Once the user has determined the new functions needed for the HEL-STAR device, the PIM is programmed via a USB connection to a laptop. The re-programming software along with detailed operating instructions are provided with the PIM and downloaded, one time, to the laptop through the USB interface. An easy-to-use graphical user interface allows the user to select desired new functions.

With the PIM programmed and disconnected from the laptop, it can be used remotely to re-program any number of HEL-STAR devices with a simple activation, “hand-shake” and confirmation procedure.

The PIM is provided with two programming modes – “New Program” and “Default”. The green button transmits the stored “new” function programming the HEL-STAR device, and black “default” button is restores the device to the original factory settings.

The PIM operates on a single replaceable CR123 cell, and includes a removable rubber protective cover.

The Civilian PIM-702 is also available.

ITAR: PIM-701 is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. Export is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) as required by the International Traffic In Arms Regulation (ITAR). Title 22, Code of the Federal Regulation (CFR) Parts 120-13.