HEL-STAR 6® LE Tactical Model
Photo Credit: Lone Star Armory
HEL-STAR® helmet mounted LE tactical lights are specifically designed for law enforcement personnel and operations.
  • Easily identify operational personnel, drones, and K9’s or mark a support position
  • Enable downed personnel to indicate their need for medical attention allowing RFT teams to easily ID them on approach
  • Label different teams and K9’s in various environments providing personnel with valuable real-time TOC intelligence
  • Team tracking using NODS, sniper overwatch or helo’s above
    Monitor & distinguish between divers during SAR missions
  • Utilize during training and on the range
  • Mark/identify personnel increasing safety and situational awareness
  • Multi-Function Lights with omni-directional visibility
  • Compact sleek design with integrated tie downs and easy to change battery
  • Enhanced tactile operation offering intuitive control between modes & functions
  • Field reprogramming available with the purchase of a Program Interface Module (PIM)
  • User customization available including operating colors, flash patterns and intensity levels
  • Waterproof: HEL-STAR 6® 130 ft and HEL-STAR EXO® 66 ft.
  • Dustproof, shock & vibration resistant

Available Product Configurations & Part Numbers:

HS-640-56P – HEL-STAR 6® LE Tactical Model

GREEN (Flash) RED (Flash) IR (Flash/Dim) IR (Steady)



RED (Steady) GREEN (Steady) BLUE (Steady)


HS-526X – HEL-STAR 5 EXO® K9 Model 

RED (Flash) IR (Morse “D”) IR ( Morse “D” / Dim)


HS-527X – HEL-STAR 5 EXO® LE Tactical Model

RED (Steady) IR (Flash) IR (Flash / Dim)
HEL-STAR 5 EXO® LE Tactical Model
Photo Credit: Modern Icon
HEL-STAR 5 EXO® LE Personnel Marker
Photo Credit: Justin Melnick
NTOA member tested and recommended.
HEL-STAR® LE Tactical Lights for K9’s
Photo Credit: Justin Melnick
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