The HSR-Series ‘Attach Patch’ provides users with the flexibility to attach and secure a HEL-STAR 6® or HEL-STAR F²® light to a helmet shell, helmet cover, MOLLE attachments or other kit to improve security and prevent potential loss.

After securing the Attach Patch to a helmet or other surface, the HEL-STAR 6® or HEL-STAR F²® is then mounted onto the Velcro® interface and then secured with the integral bungee retention system.

The HSR-Series Attach Patch is available in several mounting options, each with user-defined rigging flexibility. The following models are provided with a permanently installed bungee attachment, as a peel-and-stick, a tie-off with 275 or gutted 550 cord, or MOLLE attachment.


Designed for direct mounting to a helmet shell, the HSR-201 comes with a peel-and-stick VHB (very high bond) permanent self-adhesive on the back. Now Available in Tan or in Black.


These Attach Patches are fitted with Velcro hook on the reverse side to mate to Velcro loop material on the helmet cover. Nylon loops at the top and bottom of the Attach Patch allow it to be tied down to features on the helmet or helmet cover. The –1 version is provided with 275 cord, and the –2 version with gutted 550 cord. Now Available in Tan or in Black.


Designed in collaboration with Blue Force Gear, the HEL-STAR MOLLE Attach Patch allows HEL-STAR 6 Gen III or F² to be worn on any type of MOLLE system. The HSR-206-Series is made of the patented Helium Whisper® technology, the revolutionary MOLLE attachment system that combines a single piece back panel design with an ultra-light, extremely durable high performance laminate.

For a full list of HSR attachment options, please see Page Two of the flyer.

HEL-STAR 6® Helmet Mounted Light with Attach Patch - Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Adam Grant
Attach Patch Family
HS-620 in Attach Patch