About Us

We create effective, innovative products that spring directly from the ideas, experience, and future needs identified by active users in the field.

A chance conversation at an Air Force meeting in the early 2000s established the need for a special helmet light for PJ’s. Follow on collaboration with a helmet manufacturer and active duty users led to the first helmet mounted light that was a low profile, snag-free, break-away lighting solution for High Altitude High Opening/ High Altitude Low Opening (HAHO/HALO) parachute helmets.

The initial requirement expanded to other tailored needs within the broader SOF community, where we were fortunate to have the opportunity to listen to users, and offer new solutions to address old problems.

This high level of capability has allowed the products to grow beyond their military freefall origins to a wide range of users and applications.


Our Products

HEL-STAR 4® and HEL-STAR 5® were born through this direct collaboration with end users. Originally developed for the HAHO/HALO community as low profile alternatives to bulky strobe lights and chem sticks, these lightweight, compact designs conform to the helmet for safety and snag-free mounting.

HEL-STAR 6® was introduced in 2011 combining the basic features of earlier products into a compact, integrated design with enhanced waterproofing, durability, and omni-directional visibility. HEL-STAR 6® GEN III expanded the capabilities in 2015 by offering a more stream lined design, integrated tie downs, and advanced electronics, including a field re-programming option.

HEL-STAR F²® with Identification Friend or Foe capability is our latest lighting solution and was developed in close coordination with SOF users. HEL-STAR F²® is a Helmet Mounted, Overt/Covert Marking Device with active IFF that uniquely combines the functions of a high-intensity white strobe and colored marker lights with IFF capabilities into one single device.

New products continue to be developed from similar input, including: Parachute Slider Mounted Lighting Systems (LSM), Portable Jump Light Kits (JPL), Drop Zone Marker and Wind Direction Indicator (DZM), and other lighting devices for military parachute operations.

Our products are designed with one aim….to help exceptional people – by making their jobs a little easier and a whole lot safer.

U.S. Army photo by Jason Johnston
Photo by Roland Balik USAF
Photo By Spec Ops Channel